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Information Centre - Environmental Policy

The Darlington Hyde Park recognises that the hotel industry has a significant impact on the environment and a unique opportunity to manage our business in an environmentally friendly way to reduce our energy consumption and carbon footprint.

We are dedicated in adopting the best practices in environmentally friendly procedures & products including energy control, waste management, sourcing sustainable products and using services and suppliers who have an equal desire to work in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Goals

1. Reduce our energy consumption

a. Low watt light bulbs
b. Energy control
c. Heating management
d. Room electricity controlled by room keys

2. Waste Management

a. Recycling paper, plastic & batteries with First Mile recycling through the Paddington Bid.
b. Reuse advertising fax paper
c. Printing forms, letters & training sheets on both sides of the paper.

3. Encourage staff and customers to adopt environmentally friendly practices

a. Turning light off when not needed
b. Not leaving TVs & other electrical equipment on standby
c. Walking or cycling to work or using public transport rather then driving.
d. Reuse towels rather than having them changed daily

Considerate HoteliersFor us this is not a new concept as we started this journey 6 years ago by seeking the best possible advice and joined the Considerate Hoteliers. Considerate Hoteliers is an association of like-minded hoteliers who encourage, assist, motivate and cajole fellow hoteliers to adopt sound and sustainable environmentally friendly and socially responsible policies and practices. They do this through a network of member hotels and by providing events, advice and information for members on environmental and sustainability issues.

Through Considerate Hoteliers we can keep up to date with new technology and best practice as well as meeting environmentally conscious suppliers. But if you have any suggestions or advice on environmental issues we would love to hear them, by sending them to steve@darlingtonhotel.co.uk