Hamley's has been providing joy to children for over 250 years. It's one of those stores that just an integral part of the fabric of London.

While you can find Hamleys stores around the world now, there really is nothing like visiting the original on Regent Street.


Hamleys isn't just the oldest toy shop in London; it's one of the oldest toy shops in the world. It was originally named Noah's Ark and was located in High Holborn. It moved to its current location on Regents Steet in 1881.

The shop has a long and colourful history - William Hamley had a vision of creating the best toy shop in the world. He wanted it to be an outlet of joy for everyone who visited. This is why during WWII, when it was bombed five times, they kept the door open and kept spreading joy.

Things To Do

Hamleys is so much more than ‘just a shop'. As soon as you walk into the store, you'll be greeted by seven floors of wonder. Everywhere you look, there are toys out for you to try out and watch. You can catch live demos of the most exciting toys and games. There are also regular in-store events where they get superheroes and cartoon characters to greet the kids.

If you want to have the extra special experience, you can book a VIP tour. This experience includes an hour-long tour of the best that the shop has to offer. Plus, each child in the group will get their own gift bag at the end.

If you are overwhelmed by all the choices, you can book a personal shopper experience. They'll help you find the perfect toy.

Getting There

Getting to Hamley's from The Darlington is really easy. You just take the Central Line from Lancaster Gate to Oxford Circus. When you leave the tube station, you walk south on Regent Street, and you can't miss the store. The whole journey takes around 15 minutes.