Please note that due to operational restriction some services and items may be removed or changed.
If you wish further information, please contact the hotel directly.



The Darlington Hyde Park can offer guests the following laundry facility during your stay.

If you are happy to do your washing we have our own washing machine and dryer available between 7am and 11pm daily.

The machines, located in our laundry room next to the breakfast room, are coin operated and have a large selection of pre-programmed options for temperature and clothing types.

The washing machine costs £4 including washing tablets or powder available from reception and the dryer takes £2 for a complete cycle.

Washing & drying times do vary but usually take around 2 hours for both washing and drying cycles to run.

Please note that you use the laundry facilities at your own risk and responsibility.

In the laundry room there are also an iron and ironing board available to use by our guests. 



This service is provided free of charge by the Darlington Hyde Park Hotel, with all the expertise and Legal Compliance handled by Cyber Ware Ltd.

We and our Wi-Fi partner, Cyber Ware Ltd, aim to provide a consistent and high quality service, that is simple to connect to regardless of your preferred device.

Storing Information:

For the purposes of complying with current and emerging legislation, we do log and retain information, relating to your internet usage. This may include:

Computer / Device MAC address

Your IP Address associated with this session
The IP address of any sites you visit (not the domain name)
Session start and stop dates and times
Bandwidth consumed (uploads and downloads)

We may also make use of anonymised versions of this data from time to time, to assist us with reviewing and maintaining the quality of guest network.

Responsible Use:

We would encourage our guests to enjoy the service provided and to use it responsibly and in accordance with the terms that we have outlined within our terms and conditions.


Freeview Channels

The Darlington Hyde Park Hotel offers its guests freeview tv channels including BBC 1, BBC 2, ITV, CHANNEL 5 and many, many more.